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The Secret to Unlimited Abundance

Courtesy: S.S. Mani of Kalakad group

The Secret to Unlimited Abundance

There is an ancient Vedic story about a young man who went in search of the secret of abundance. For many months he traveled through the countryside until one day deep in the forest he met a spiritual master and asked him if he knew the key to having unlimited wealth and riches.

The spiritual master answered, “In the heart of every human being there are two goddesses: Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, is generous and beautiful. If you worship her, she may bestow you with treasures and riches, but she is capricious and may also withdraw her support without warning. The other goddess is Saraswati, the Goddess of Wisdom. If you venerate Saraswati and dedicate yourself to attaining wisdom, Lakshmi will become jealous and pay more attention to you. The more you seek wisdom, the more fervently Lakshmi will chase you, showering you with wealth and abundance.”

While many people spend their lives pursuing Lakshmi ��" money, fancy homes, luxury cars, and other symbols of wealth ��" true abundance isn’t about getting your ego’s wish list met in a timely manner; it’s knowing that who you really are is pure consciousness, pure potentiality. Your sense of self expands beyond your identification with the ego mind and physical body and you awaken to your essential spiritual nature. In this state of expanded awareness, you let go of limiting beliefs and fears, allowing the infinite field of intelligence to fulfill your needs and desires with effortless ease.

In our present economic climate, the mass hypnosis of fear and scarcity can be almost irresistible. Instead of depleting your mental energies with worry, focus on cultivating spiritual wealth, enthusiasm, and your desire to fulfill your potential. How do you do this? By meditating, connecting to your true nature, seeking wisdom, and practicing what I refer to as The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. These are the universal laws of consciousness that govern every creative process ��" from the birth of a baby to the birth of a galaxy. When you align yourself in harmony with these cosmic laws, you become the abundance that is inherent in life.

Abundance can arrive in the form of friendships, wisdom, money, creative expression, good health, loving relationships, mental energy and enthusiasm, peace of mind, and in infinite other ways. But however wealth manifests, the point is that these effects are the spontaneous outgrowths of inner spiritual awakening; they are not sought after for their own sake. Money, achievements, accolades ��" all of these are byproducts of life’s true gift: the unfolding of your inner divinity.


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