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Saint Ramanuja

Courtesy: Harihara Mahadevan

Please note that 1st May is the 1000th birth day of Saint Sri Ramanujacharya.

1. 1000 years ago, he called the SC/ST people as "Thirukkulathaar" - people of divine caste.

2. He opened the gates of Melokote Temple to the people of backward classes. Later, during the beginning of last century only those people were permitted to enter temples. Imagine his broad-mindedness.

3. He gave importance to Tamil in preference to Sanskrit. He propagated Alwars' Tamil paasurams.

4. He wrote many books and commentaries on scriptures like Brahmasoothras & Gita.

5. He propagated Bhakti cult in our country

6. He promoted art forms like Music and Dance.

7. He built famous temples.

8. All religions were equal to him. Because of him, Suradhaani, daughter of Delhi Sultan came to Melokote (near Mysore) & merged with the Lord by her deep love towards Srimannarayana. She is called 'Bibi Nachiar' and there are Sannidhis for her in various temoles. THUS he promoted cordial relationship between Hindus and Muslims some 950 years ago itself

9. He was a great management expert and temple administrator.

10. All through his life he was hale and healthy and dynamic, insisting of importance to yoga exercises and meditation. He lived for 123 years.

For want of space I could not mention more about this personality whom Tamilnadu has given birth to.

My request/ suggestion/advice is that exactly at 9 am., on 1st May please chant the following manthra at least 11 times: 'SRIMATHE RAMAANUJAYA NAMAH'

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