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Fathers day

Courtesy:R.Vijayaragavan, coimbator


Dr. Samuel Johnson, the most famous man in England.. It was he who made the great English Dictionary, the most wonderful book of our times. In London,He is the literary lion of England."

50 years latter it was market day at Uttoxeter.

An old man Alighted from coach . he should be above seventy years of age.

(He wheezes and puffs as though afflicted with asthma. Very sick? He walks with the aid of a heavy stick.))

He stood quite still and upright, directly in front of the little old stall. He took off his hat and held it beneath his arm. His great walking stick had fallen into the gutter.. He did not seem to know that the rain was falling vehemently stood for hours....

The clock in the tower stroked eleven. The passers-by stop and gazed at the stranger. The market people peered at him from their booths and stalls. Some laughed as the rain runs in streams down his scarred old cheeks.

Rain is it? Or can it be tears?

"Why, Dr. Johnson!" exclaims his hostess;

"we have missed you all day. And you are so wet and chilled! Where have you been?"

"Madam," says the great man, "fifty years ago*, this very day,

I tacitly refused to oblige or obey my father. The thought of the pain which I must have caused him has haunted me ever since. To do away the sin of that hour, I this morning went in a chaise to Uttoxeter and did do penance publicly before the stall which my father had formerly used."

The great man bows his head upon his hands and sobs.

Out of doors the rain is falling/ is it his tears ?

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