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Three in one


Today is the birthday of Lord Krishna, Dr Radhakrishnan, freedom fighter VOC!

Hence I share 3 messages here.

1.Lord Krishna said in Gita "Do your duty. Leave the results to God" When I quoted this my training program, a participant asked me a doubt: You trainers in personality development program are asking us to be result-oriented, but Krishna Is asking us to leave the results to Him. What is this? " I told him to understand Gita in proper perspective. You have to set goal, plan, act and be result-oriented. But don't claim or own fruits of action. In short, act with commitment towards the goal, but don't worry about its fruits which will cause pain or pleasure and keep you imbalanced. So own your action and your responsibility without owning fruits of action".

2.Teaching profession is a noble profession which creates other professions. So let us salute our teachers who shaped us.

3.Let us remember and salute VOC who was a patriot, lawyer, speaker, writer, philosopher and sacrificed his personal wealth and energy for the the sake of our country. Who had the guts other than VOC to spend personal wealth and run a shipping company against the mighty British in those tough times? Kappalottiya Thamizha, you are great!

Let us salute with reverence Lord Krishna, Dr. Radhakrishnan, our teachers and VOC! 🙏🙏🙏

A.V. Ramanathan

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