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Missing Wife

Courtesy : Sankar kesavan, trainers forum

A husband went to police station for filing report for his missing wife:

Husband : I lost my wife (misty), she went for shopping & still not reached home yet.

Inspector : What is her height ?

Husband: I am not sure…….about 5’ 3’’….

Inspector : Slim or healthy ?.

Husband: Not slim but can be definitely called healthy.

Inspector : Colour of eyes ?

Husband : nothing specific…...

Inspector : Colour of hair ?

Husband : Changes according to season.

Inspector : What was she wearing?

Husband : Saree / suit, I don’t remember exactly.

Inspector : Was she going in a car?

Husband : Yes.

Inspector : -Tell me about car . . . . . .

Husband :-Black Audi A8 with supercharged 3.0 litre V6 engine generating 333 horse power teamed with an eight-speed tip tronic automatic transmission with manual mode.

And it has full LED headlights, which use light emitting diodes for all light functions and has a very thin scratch on the front left door. …. and then the husband started crying...

Inspector: -Don't worry sir,... . . We will find your car...

Moral of the story: Only when our heart is there, we tend to learn about things that matter and not otherwise! Applicable to our professional life, as well, and quite immensely!

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