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Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum – 1

Courtesy: PKV, Bangalore

Shri Krishna paramaatma, who blessed Bhaarateeyas with Geeta-amrutam, is just learning to utter small words. The One who occupied Bhoomi-aakaashams with two feet, as Vaamana-murti, is just learning to walk. Day-by-day, to the aanandam of Nanda and Yashoda, Baala Krishna was growing-up.

While Shri Krishna was playing, the dust on His body used to resemble Vibhuuti on Paramashiva’s body. The mauktikamaala (pearl garland) with which Yashoda tied His curly hair resembled half-moon on Chandrashekhara’s head. Kastura tilakam of BaalaKrishna looked like the third eye of Kaamaari. The big Neelamani on the ratnahaaram of Shri Krishna looked like Haalaahalam’s black mark on Garalakantha’s throat. The mauktikamaalas around His neck resembled sarpa-haaras of Naagabhuushana.

Baala Krishna used to play many vichitra-kreedas with Gopabaalas. Gopikaas believed that the mischief of Krishna paramaatma was true! They did not realize that the mischievous deeds of Baala Krishna were nothing but great Mahopadeshams for them. Who can understand the actions of Yogeeshvareshvara, Shri Krishna, completely ?

One of the Gopikaas who lost her patience by the mischief of the Lord, approached Yashoda and complained like this “O Yashoda! What should I tell about this naughty child of yours? The women in our house have no milk to give to their babies. They wanted to atleast feed the babies, who were crying with hunger, with Go-ksheeram. From no-where your child, Shri Krishna, came and released the calves near the cows. The calves drank-off milk from the cows, leaving nothing for the babies. The duhkham of mothers who were not able to feed their babies is un-describable. Is this Nyaayam? O Ambhojaakshi! Please tell us”.

Let us see what Jagadguru Shri Krishna wanted to teach us through this story:

The pain and sorrow experienced by mothers who are not able to feed their babies is also experienced by the Gomaata (cow) who is not able to feed her calf. Hence Baala Krishna left the hungry calves near the cows. Through this story Shri Krishna Paramaatma wanted to teach us that we must be compassionate not only towards fellow humans but also towards pashu-pakshi-vrukshaas etc. Jagadguru Shri Krishna taught us the Dharma that we must consume only the milk left over after a cow feeds its calf (please see the story of Dileepa who followed this Dharma).

Message to present society:

It is really heartening to see that in the name of “modern technology”, even in our country where the Gomaatas are worshipped, cows are milked through machines without having any kind of concern for the feelings of cows towards their calves. Just because the animals cannot speak we are exploiting them, denying them their minimum rights of motherhood. “Modernization” should never be at the cost of Dharma.

P K Venkataraman

None can destroy Iron, but its own rust can !

Likewise, none can destroy a person, but his own mindset can. - Ratan Tata

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