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God & the Devil
Going beyond good and evil

Courtesy: Jayprakash, trainers forum

When our whole being is beyond duality, we are in a state of oneness that is known as soul consciousness.

The topic of duality is very important to understand beyond a simple intellectual trip. We need to experience that in our own lives. This is the basic difference between someone who is a spiritual walker and someone who merely shares great ideas, someone who has a sharp intellect, who can bring words for the intellectual mind of others to understand, that is, a philosopher.

The spiritual journey starts by being aware of one side of duality. That is “good.” Then, that which is good has a representative, that is God. Furthermore, a spiritual walker may start rejecting the side of duality, which is not “Godly.”

That is the beginning of the fight against evil, bad, Satan, Maya, the devil, etc.

Please note that in this stage of spiritual consciousness, there is a clear and distinctive difference between good and evil. Here is where most monotheistic religions have helped by creating codes, commandments, laws and so forth to be followed, so the follower has something concrete to follow. This rejection of evil to embrace only what is perceived as “good” is the beginning of reformation of the self. Before that, there was no distinctive idea of something like duality but just traditional morality and norms learned by living in a particular society.

When our consciousness is trapped in one side of duality, we will not be able to see the whole picture, for our belief will not allow us to see that. Our own belief is not giving us the chance to see beyond.

Do you see why “evil” exists? :-) Without writing a dissertation, please.

Just because “good” exists.
So, it is OK to do “evil”?

When our consciousness is beyond the beginner stage of awareness of “good” vs. “evil,” we will see that there is no “good” or “evil,” but only consequences. No hunter or victim; just roles. Because of being a hunter, then the hunter will be the victim in another occasion, just because the roles of victim and hunter have been performed.

Remember the golden rule: what you do unto others, you do it to yourself. This is a way deeper understanding of karma.

Therefore, when there is no “you” neither “others,” beyond that duality; there are no consequences. This is what is known as “neutral karma.” A witness, a detached observer.

Going beyond the duality of “I and others,” is the beginning of a new state of consciousness, which is not describable.

Let us go back to duality.

What is the proof of the existence of God?

Simply, the existence of evil. If evil exists in your consciousness, then God must exist as well.

Why? Because God and the devil, Maya, cannot exist by themselves. One brings the other.

Could a place full of “goodness” such as Paradise, where the devil is not around; could it be possible for such a place to exist with God in it?

No way. God can only exist when there is Evil. That is the only reason why there is no God in the “Golden age.”

Of course, the above explanation merely reflects a state of consciousness, it reflects the understanding of God and the Devil as “ideas,” to fit into a religious system or a belief system. It is the game of good vs. bad.

Please see that the day cannot exist without a night. In duality, both things must exist for one side gives birth to the other side. Therefore, that apparent separation is also one thing, but until our consciousness has not perceived that, we will only see two different things. Thus, oneness exists as well as duality according to our consciousness.

That is why, it is important to realize when our consciousness shifts, that is, to go beyond duality is to know the unity of all.

Therefore, to know God beyond the duality of concepts, is to know beyond duality. God is neither good nor bad. That is duality. To be in a state beyond duality is to be soul conscious.

When you are soul conscious, you know God beyond dualistic concepts.

Can you love God alone? Only in a dualistic consciousness.

Beyond that duality, there is a different consciousness which will be known by the honest spiritual walker, but not by the intellectual philosopher. A Spiritual walker has become aware of duality at the beginning of his journey. Then, he has rejected one side and accepted the other side of duality. He has experienced the inner fight. But few will experience acceptance to all, acceptance of both sides of the same coin of duality, just to go beyond it.

Jayprakash B. Zende,
Consultant & Freelance Trainer

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