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Chetan Bhagat's tips for women

Courtesy: Chithra Jha

1. End the constant desire to judge other women.
2. Don't be hard on yourselves and others of your species. Let each other breathe freely.
3. Stop faking to feed male egos; whether it is laughing at unintelligent jokes, accepting a raw deal, or playing dumb/ clueless eye-flutter-er.
4. If something bothers you, say it.
5. Stand up for your property rights. Don't be emotional fools, and demonstrate eternal selflessness by giving away your property to your brothers, husbands and sons.
6. Become more ambitious and dream bigger to reach your maximum potential.
7. Don't be too trapped in the drama of relationships.
8. Don't sacrifice so much that you lose yourself.
9. Every now and then, be a little selfish.
10. Assert yourself. You are not here to assist others in living their lives. You have your own life to live as well.

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