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அழகி மென்பொருள்
Tamil-English bilingual webmagazine dedicated to education of the masses through E-books, articles, worldwide informations, Slideshows,
Presentations on various subjects, photographs and images, moral and objective oriented stories and Lectures including audio and video

Interesting internet Links

Here is a collection of popular Tamil eBooks you can enjoy reading this at your leisure in PDF format - Avvaiaar, Thirukkural, Kalki's novels, Bharatiar etc.

Free download from HERE

A great Treasure House of Tamil literature.

The new website has been started by ex VC of Wipro:

For my friends interested in Karnatic music. This is a substitute for WordSpace. One week trial is free

Our old system of education - part 1
Our old system of education - part 2

Dear all, This how our ancestors of India went through the earlier eduction system. They did not carry loads of books like today. When ever I see children going to school it makes feel that - Is today's education system treat our children as donkeys of a Dhobi? The children carry education as a burden, I sympathize, and who is to be blamed for this educational system in India?

It is not certainly a western system, because our friends who stay in western countries will agree that there the children do not carry such donkey load to school!

Ravi Hariharan, Kalakad


We do not always get opportunity or time to listen old / middle time Tamil songs. Here is the opportunity.

Selected Songs
Computer Tech Tips
Motivational Points
Comedy Clips
Punch lines from Cinima
Exceptional Lines From Dramas / Speeches & Programes

We wanted to remind the people who is too busy to remember the goodies in our Language.

Pass it to your friends

Courtesy: S.S. Mani, Kalakad

10 Easy Steps to know you are not a leader

Leaders are present everywhere. They are omni present and are required by verious instituions and organizations. However, only a few of them are genuine leaders.

Some may be in leadership positions, but they aren’t really leaders. Some aren’t in a leadership position but think they should be. So how do you know who is not or should not be a leader.

Presenting 10 easy steps to know you are not a leader

How to Get Promoted in Tough Times

A lot of us have been so focused on keeping our jobs during this downturn that it may feel awkward to ask for a promotion.

Kate Sharon, vice president of Alliance Leadership, offers advice on how to move up in lean times

27 நட்சத்திரங்களுக்குறிய ஆலயங்கள்

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