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Is congress on way out?

Courtesy: Prof R.K.Guptha, Trainers forum

I conducted my own informal mini survey in Jodhpur area covering 30 kms of distance around Jodhpur that covers rural and suburban areas and a cross section of poor,very poor, various castes, politiclly conscious people, entreprenurs and so on.Male and femal ratio was kept 50 50.

Total sample size was 205 people due to lack of resources and time. But given a population base if 20 lacs not a bad sample size either.Moreover it was exploratory. The target universe was poor, lower middle class people and small vendors as they form biggest vote bank.

Objective of the survey was to see politcial awareness of citizens, awareness about day to day happening, political ideology if any, favorite political party and awareness about national issues like corruption. The survey results showed that 55% people were not aware about anything going on in country.A serious matter.They said they had no time from doing hard work or house work.Only 15% read a local news paper.40% were below Matric.Surprisingly 23% named sonia as national leader.Only 2% remembered Man Mohan singh.Only 25% were aware about corruption but 100% were pained at phenomenal price rise and inflation. When asked would they like change of government/party 40% said yes, 30% no and rest were not clear.

Survey done in April -may 2011

Prof R K Gupta

Sonia most unpopular leader ever

Asia Poll: Survey of Indian Public Opinion 2011

Asia Poll, which is the Asian subsidiary of the largest polling organisation in the world, has conducted an extensive survey of over 60,000 Indians across the sub-continent on their opinions of political parties and leaders and their voting intentions in view of the serious cases of corruption against senior politicians.

Summary of findings

Unsurprisingly, Sonia Gandhi came out as the most unpopular politician since independence with only 2% of the population considering her suitable to lead the country. The main reason given by the public was that she was the major cause of corruption in India (90%). On a secondary question, 70% attributed her unpopularity to her foreign nationality and 60% to her being a Christian. Qualitative findings from focus groups found that many believe Sonia Gandhi is becoming a foreign dictator in India.

The Congress Party itself did not feature as badly with support from 18% of the sample compared with 40% for the BJP.

Some of the key survey findings are given in the following tables;

Politicians people think have the best leadership qualities to lead the country

Possible Leaders % of sample

Sonia Gandhi 2%
PM Manmahon Singh 7%
Pranab Mukherjee 10%
Sharad Pawar 14%
Arun Jaitely 15%
Sushama Swaraj 20%
Narendra Modi 22%
Donâ¬"t know 20%

Whe questions were asked about Rahul Gandhi and Prijanka Gandhi, the outcome was equally negative with only 4% thinking Rahul Gandhi would make good leader and less that 1% preferring Prijanka.

Political party rankings:

BJP 40
Congress Party 18
Others 32

Urban/Rural split: Sonia Gandhi was only popular among Christians in the survey, 70% of whom stated they would vote for her regardless of Party affiliations. Most educated urban Indians were strongly against the re-election of Sonia Gandhi as Congress leader or any members of the Gandhi family (69%) as were rural Hindus (82%) as there was a strong view these were foreigners subverting Indiaâ¬"s independence and encouraging Christian conversions and were the root of all corruption scandals in India.

Another strongly expressed view was that Sonia Gandhi has packed regional government with her Christian supporters and the names of prominent Christian Ministers of State were frequently mentioned by the polled population.

Full details of the poll are available on the Asian Poll website

We have been warned that there may be attempts to take this off the web or even attack the website in which case please email us direct

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